What makes our rabbit feed special?

February 17, 2015 – Modesto, CA

Modesto Milling produces quality feed. It is not the least expensive feed on the market, and we often get the question: “Why should I spend more for your feed instead of getting cheaper food from larger manufacturers?”

There are two reasons: Our philosophy and formulation processes.

We don’t make feed with the sole intention of “making a buck.” We believe in creating feed formulations that strive to increase the health and longevity of the species. We use organic manufacturing standards and continuously look for ingredients that are as close as possible to their raw state. No herbicides, pesticides, commercial fertilizers or GMOs are allowed in the Organic program, and the ingredients we choose are specific to the species and goals of their owners.

Let’s take our rabbit feed as an example. We don’t use chemicals in the manufacturing process. This is a complete departure from some of the processes used by “major feed producers”. Some producers use Hexane (a petroleum byproduct) to remove oil from soy beans; chemicals to increase the flow of cane molasses; and Linguin Sulfonate which is a byproduct of wood pulp production. Salts and sulfurous acid are used in that wood pulp processing. Rabbits are small animals that retain and tend to be sensitive to chemicals in their food.

Our rabbit feed, on the other hand, contains no corn or soy products. Plus, our organic standards and certifications prevent us from using any of the aforementioned chemicals. But what makes our feed special is what we DO put in it. We use unique ingredients to improve taste, and for their health benefits. For instance, we use organic yucca, which cuts down on ammonia in the cage. Excess ammonia content has been linked to respiratory problems in rabbits and isn’t very pleasant for owners, either.

We regularly hear clients talk about the differences they are seeing in their animals once they switch to our feed. When they tell us they are seeing improved energy and fewer allergies, that is when we feel like we are making a difference, and why we think our feed for rabbits and other species is so special.