Why is it important to look for non-GMO feeds?

January 29, 2015 – Modesto, CA

Many of the trends in human food consumption make their ways to feeds designed for poultry and livestock. Owners of these species who consider the species pets follow the trends because they wouldn’t feed their feathered or furry friends inconsistently with their own food intake standards. But for people who are raising these animals as part of the food chain, there may be even more reasons to take notice.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have been introduced to the food supply to increase yields, decrease costs and make fruits and vegetables more resistant to pests and diseases. While these goals seem noble enough, it is still uncertain as to whether the risks outweigh the rewards or if the goals are sustainable over the long term.

One of the modifications often made is the ability for crops like corn to produce their own insecticides. This causes concern amongst people who pay attention to what they put in their bodies. One of the side effects of this crop manipulation is the development of bacteria and weeds that build up a tolerance to the genetic alteration. This tolerance means stronger and stronger pesticides and chemicals are needed to control the unwanted growths.

We are still not sure about the long term problems humans or animals will face from eating these altered foods. Will the altered foods cause immunity issues for humans and animals? Will the foods genetically alter the beings that consume them? For example, if the mutations sterilize the trees or plants, will they have a similar result further down the food chain?

Food shouldn’t come with questionable health side effects. This is why Modesto Milling uses 100% certified organic (non-GMO) ingredients in its feed. The organic certification means we are looking out for the wellbeing of the animals our customers raise. We believe that whether they are friends or food, these critters deserve feed that is as healthy as possible.