It’s chicken feed. How different can it be?

March 30, 2015 – Modesto, CA

Many people with chickens or other poultry don’t think twice about the feed they provide the birds. But Modesto Milling and its customers are a different breed of folks that care not only about putting quality feed into our feathered friends; we acknowledge different aims exist depending on life-stage and long term goals for the fowl.

Did you know there are different feeds for different needs?
Over the years, Modesto Milling has developed formulations to achieve objectives like getting chicks started, healthy growth, finishing broilers and enhancing the laying process. We have similar formulas for breeders who prefer feed free from corn and soy. Another formula has been developed to satisfy the unique needs of turkeys. Modesto Milling even makes organic scratch.

Our customers’ goals for their poultry are important, which means the ingredients we put into the feed are critical. We are constantly on the lookout for ingredients that improve flavor, digestion and goal attainment. For example, some of our formulations now include stabilized rice bran, pressed citrus cake and natural vitamin E, all of which increase the health of the birds.

Organic at heart
Modesto Milling’s organic philosophy is interwoven into all of its feed formulations. Whether the species has any combination of feathers, fur, talons, toes or hooves, our organic certifications mean you can be sure our feeds and the ingredients that make them up are free of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), drugs and commercial pesticides.

How different can chicken feed be? Very.