Pigs don’t have to eat like…well, pigs

December 21, 2015 – Modesto, CA

People raise pigs for all sorts of reasons. Some like them as pets. Others like them as breakfast. Some like the self-sufficient lifestyle of raising and butchering their own meats. Whether you want to raise pigs that live well or taste good, Modesto Milling’s hog feed can help you reach your goals.

In days gone by, we heard lots of stories about how people fed their hogs. Many would feed them old fruits, vegetables or food scraps, like day old breads. Some would almost treat their swine like garbage disposals. As you would guess, however, feeding the pigs a predictable diet is better for achieving healthy weight gain and meeting objectives.

All of Modesto Milling’s feeds are formulated with quality ingredients for a balanced feeding regimen. The main ingredients for the hog formula include corn, peas and wheat millrun. Soy bean meal (8%), that we extrude ourselves, is also included as a high quality protein source. Our herb and oil package adds attractive taste, aroma and health benefits. And, just as important for many of our customers, the organic certifications mean we don’t use GMOs or antibiotics in our feeds.

We are passionate about producing organic feed, but the payoff is in our clients’ results. Many tell us about how they see significantly less illness and “intestinal distress” in pigs they feed Modesto Milling feed. Those that raise hogs for meat also say they experience more consistent marbling and noticeably better taste. They also say that the organic feed performs just as well as “conventional” feeds when it comes to criteria such as weight gain.

We don’t claim that eating Modesto Milling’s organic feed will make your pigs more sophisticated, but they will be healthier than their cousins who were raised on donuts and day old pastries.