It’s a Good Week to Talk Turkey!

November 25, 2015 – Modesto, CA

There are three things on most people’s minds this week: giving thanks, turkey and shopping. We want to address the first two in this month’s blog.

Modesto Milling is thankful for its customers and another year of providing organic feed for discerning breeders who want the best for their feathered and furry friends. So, we are thankful for YOU!

Turkey is definitely a popular topic this week, from parades and sporting events to recipes, these birds get a lot of attention this time of year. But, it takes time and some special dietary attention to properly prepare them for the spotlight.

For example, turkey chicks need more protein than smaller birds like chickens, especially in the first several weeks of life. Modesto Milling specially formulated Turkey Starter Crumbles #5051 (28% protein) to accommodate high protein requirements that reduce turkey chick mortality rates and get the turkeys off to a stronger start. (We have also heard quail breeders are getting fantastic results with this formula.) We have found that soy-based protein tends to work best in this 5-7 week span, because of the high quality and amount of amino acids required for this life stage.

After the initial growth over the first couple months of the turkeys’ lives, they can reduce their protein intake a bit and start taking advantage of Modesto Milling’s Chick Starter and Grower products (with or without soy) #6024, #6021 and #5618. These typically bring the protein levels down to 22%, which is fine because the initial protein requirements have been satisfied and the birds eat much more feed at this stage in their growth. This period is usually another 5-7 weeks.

The last phase is the finishing stage where Modesto Milling’s Finisher products (soy or soy-free) #6100 and #6022 are used. These are 17% protein and can be used until the turkeys reach their desired weight.

Growing big, beautiful turkeys doesn’t have to be complicated. If you have questions about which feed formulations will work best for your goals and your turkeys’ life stages, reach out to us. We welcome the opportunity to help!