Why does Modesto Milling make soy-free, corn-free and other non-traditional formulations?

July 24, 2015 – Modesto, CA

Most mills and major feed producers use sophisticated algorithms to formulate the “least cost” product that will meet minimal health requirements for the species being fed.

Modesto Milling takes a more “free hand” approach that strives to optimize health and longevity of the bird or animal while meeting the needs of owners and breeders. Plus, we hold ourselves to organic standards that further restrict which ingredients and strategies we can use. These factors lead to the use of approaches that are non-traditional within the feed industry.

For example, many of our clients are looking for soy-free or corn-free feed options. The reasons for these choices vary. Some prefer to stay away from monoculture crops (where a single crop is mass planted, but not rotated with others that replenish the soil, also causing the crops to be more susceptible to certain pests or diseases) or because of concerns about GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

Canola meal has come under fire in recent months and has ceased to be available in suitable quantities, so Modesto Milling has removed canola meal from its feeds. These types of market pressures also factor into the mill’s decisions to modify formulations.

In this case, we have chosen to use more stabilized rice bran to replace the canola meal. This ingredient is a byproduct that comes from the rice polishing process for brown rice syrup which has gained popularity over the last couple of decades. So, this is a sustainable process reducing waste in the food manufacturing process. This ingredient also has some interesting nutritional benefits. Brown rice syrup has more carbs and metabolizes more slowly in the body. The byproduct of this process is called stabilized rice bran and it has more protein (50%) than canola meal (33%). Additionally, its amino acid profile (lysine, methionine, threonine) mimics soybean meal, which increases production benefits. This is important, because the organic industry doesn’t allow supplementation of amino acids, and the use of the stabilized rice bran naturally provides these amino acids.

You can count on Modesto Milling to take input from customers and nutrition experts while considering market trends and pressures. We will continue to come up with formulations that meet evolving needs while constantly improving our offerings.