Make Mama Happy

January 30, 2017 – Modesto, CA

This is the time of the year when our customers start to see an increase in the number of lactating mothers on their farms and ranches. Goats, sheep and cows are especially likely to be producing milk for new babies in February.

Milk-producing mamas have different feed needs than other animals. For example, they need higher levels of protein to support health, energy and milk production. Modesto Milling has four feed formulations specifically designed to meet the needs of nursing ruminants. Two of the formulations are soy-free and the other two contain soy, but at much lower quantities than competitive offerings.

We prefer to focus on formulating feeds with diverse ingredient mixes as opposed to being heavily dependent on one ingredient or another. This diversity means we include items you won’t find in other feeds. Unique ingredients include flax seed, peas, alfalfa, coconut flour and vitamin and essential oil mixes. Each component in our feed formulations is chosen for flavor, scent or nutritional attributes that round out the offering to meet breeder requirements and animal taste preferences.

Copper is toxic for sheep. We don’t add copper to our feeds, which allows cross feeding for ruminant species and reduces worries about one critter accidentally eating another critter’s rations.

If you have or are expecting to have milk producing cattle, goats, sheep, pigs or other livestock, Modesto Milling’s 2 soy-free options are the Organic All-Purpose Soy-Free Livestock & Dairy Grain Pellets #5040 (13.5% protein) or Organic Soy-Free Dairy Livestock Pellets #5046 (15% protein). Options that include soy are Organic Goat Dairy Pellets #5030 (16% protein, 10% soy) and Organic Dairy Ewe & Lamb Pellets #5042 (15% protein, 6.2% soy). Our customers often use the higher protein feeds, which cost slightly more, as new babies are born and energy needs are highest. As these needs decrease, the customers may move to a lower cost, lower protein ration. The Organic All-Purpose Soy-Free Livestock & Dairy Grain Pellets #5040 is the least expensive of the four options, but also works as a finishing feed for clients who are interested in pre-slaughter weight gain.

Please contact Chris Wagner at 209-523-9167 ext.9107 or if you have questions about which formulation will best meet your needs.