It’s Back…Chick Season!

March 1, 2017 – Modesto, CA

It’s that time of year again…chick season. Raising chickens is gaining popularity not just among the farming set, but also urban chicken owners, many schools and others have taken a fancy to these fowl. People are choosing to acquire chickens for meat, egg production or just to have a less traditional pet.

If you are new to raising chicks, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Provide young chicks a draft free brooder for warmth and protection
  • Clean your brooder before the chicks are brought home
  • Cover the brooder floor with pinewood shavings
  • Position incandescent bulbs about one foot above the floor to provide heat
  • If the heat level is good, chicks will spread evenly around the brooder
  • If chicks are too hot, they will pant and their heads will droop
  • If chicks are too cold, they will huddle directly under the heat lamp and be noisy, a sign of distress
  • Give chicks space to move around
  • Make sure your chicks have access to clean, fresh water
  • Check water levels daily to be sure your chicks are consuming enough water
  • Sprinkle chick starter on the brooder floor for the first few days
  • After chicks are a few days old, use a chick feeder for feed
  • Raise the lamp as chicks grow until it is no longer needed

Choose a feed that is high in protein to properly nourish your chicks. Modesto Milling has three formulations to meet your feeding goals: Organic Chick Starter and Poultry Grower Crumbles, Organic Soy-Free Chick Starter and Poultry Grower Crumbles and Organic Corn and Soy-Free Chick Starter and Poultry Grower Crumbles. A 10 pound bag should feed 6-7 chicks for about 30 days. We also have 25 and 50 pound bags or larger quantities depending on the size of your flock.

If you have questions, reach out to Chris Wagner at 209-523-9167 ext.9107 or

Happy chick season!