Our Horse Philosophy

The ingredients in our horse feeds are certified organic and contain no GMOs. We use only the best organic oats, barley and alfalfa as well as organic coconut meal, which is high in digestible fiber and healthy fats that promote healthy coats. We use organic peas for high-quality protein that promotes muscular strength, flax and sunflower seeds for omega 3 and omega 6 fats, and organic sesame meal for its fat and low starch content. We add supplements like natural vitamin E and biotin for healthy coats and hooves. Other quality ingredients include diatomaceous earth, zeolite, yeast, sea kelp and essential nutrients. The essential oils and herbs give the products a unique flavor that horses will enjoy.

Additionally, our horse feeds are formulated without corn or corn byproducts, soy or soy byproducts, or molasses. Most of our feeds are made without wheat or wheat byproducts. They are made in a certified organic mill where no pesticides or medications are used. The feeds are ideal for horses with sensitivities or allergies to these ingredients as well as for owners and breeders who want to avoid GMO- or glyphosate-contaminated feeds.

Our products are formulated to fit a wide range of nutrient needs for horses of all walks of life.