Organic Egg Production

June 23, 2016 – Modesto, CA

Nobody is 100% sure which came first between the chick and the egg, but the way things currently go, good chicks start out as good eggs. Organic feed is important whether you are aiming for healthy chicks or are more interested in the eggs themselves.

Egg production methods can affect the quality and quantity of the eggs. Many of our customers, and egg consumers as a whole, are concerned about excessive medications, GMOs and birds having the ability to stretch their wings as opposed to being confined in cages or in conditions that limit mobility. This has increased interest in free range and organic eggs.

Organic eggs are actually held to a higher standard than free range eggs. Organic eggs come from organic hens. Organic hens are required to be fed organic feed, which contains no GMOs, antibiotics or animal byproducts. Free range eggs don’t have these requirements. The one thing both types of eggs have in common is that neither allows putting hens in tiny cages but, even in this case, organic eggs have stronger animal welfare requirements.

Organic feed is required in organic egg production, but feed quality matters. We regularly talk to customers about differences they are seeing when switching to our feed after using conventional or other organic feeds. We have heard stories of stronger shells, darker yolks, better flavor and others when talking specifically about eggs.

Quality organic feed also helps the eggs’ mamas stay happier and healthier. We have heard testimonials about better plumage, production and meat taste when layers are given Modesto Milling feed.

Modesto Milling makes a number of formulas including corn-free, soy-free, whole grain, starters, finishers, growers and layers along with individual ingredients and supplements. Our clients aren’t just using the feed for chickens. Some are using them for turkeys, pheasants, ducks, quail and others.

If your goals include eggs, chicks, layers or meat birds, you can learn more about ways Modesto Milling can help at or by emailing