Modesto Milling Supplements: Larger Livestock, Less Larvae

May 25, 2015 – Modesto, CA

We often talk about the health properties of the organic ingredients Modesto Milling puts in its feed. But the same philosophies are used in the selection of minerals and supplements included in the feed formulations and sold separately. Additionally, many of the supplements not only provide internal benefits for poultry and livestock, they provide external benefits in beds and pens as well.

For example, our food grade diatomaceous earth doesn’t add flavor or odor to feeds, yet when added to feed, it removes internal parasites from within the species. Once it passes through the bird or animal, it reduces the amount of larvae in droppings, along with helping reduce fleas, ants, snails, mites and other pests when used in bedding areas. Diatomaceous earth also reduces ammonia levels, which, if not controlled, can lead to respiratory issues, foot pad burns and other problems.

Zeolite has a high negative charge and attracts pathogens and toxins, extracting them from the body. Studies indicate that animals gain weight faster with less food with the addition of Zeolite in their diets. When used externally, it can help with moisture absorption and odor control.

Tasco’s Acadian Sea Kelp comes from the cold, clean waters near Nova Scotia, Canada and brings with it trace elements from the North Atlantic. Internally, it binds to toxins and pathogens, expelling those items from the body. But after it passes through the digestive tract, it also reduces the viability of microorganisms such as those found in E. coli, Salmonella, Clostridia and others.

Modesto Milling is always looking for ways to increase the health benefits of our offerings. To us this, means improving the benefits of what goes into your feathered and furry friends, but also how it impacts their environments.