Modesto Milling is expanding its offerings for horses

April 8, 2016 – Modesto, CA

Modesto Milling has been providing horse-appropriate loose grains, nutrients and mineral products for some time and added Organic Horse Supplement Pellets (which works as a ration balancer) to our product line last year. Our newest formulation, Organic Horse PLUS #675, is a nutritionally balanced full feed that combines the supplement pellets with high quality organic oats, barley, peas, sunflower seeds, and alfalfa pellets, and works as a great augmentation to alfalfa or grass forages. PLUS stands for Performance, Leisure, Universal and Senior horses.

Modesto Milling’s new PLUS feed is specifically formulated for the horse that needs more calories than our Supplement Pellet provides alone. PLUS is a balanced feed that, when fed within the recommended feeding rates, removes guess work as to whether the horse is getting all the required nutrients and calories for performance.

The organic oats have been selected for ease of digestion and they are joined by organic alfalfa pellets, which are a natural source of calcium, protein and highly digestible fiber. The supplement pellets also include high quality organic ingredients like coconut meal, flax seeds, stabilized rice bran, kelp meal, diatomaceous earth and other vitamins and nutrients, as well as essential oils. These are chosen for traits such as digestibility, healthy fats, muscular strength, healthy coats, strong hooves and other health benefits.

The new horse feed contains no soy, so it works well for horses that have soy allergies or sensitivities. The previously mentioned organic peas provide quality protein as well as lysine in the absence of the soy. The feed is also made without molasses, so as to reduce unnecessary sugars in the horses’ diets. This feed contains no wheat products (which is helpful for horses with wheat sensitivities or allergies), nor does it use corn or corn by-products.

This new feed continues Modesto Milling’s tradition of using certified organic ingredients, meaning the feed is made with Non-GMO components and is free of pesticides and unwanted chemicals.

You can read more about the ingredients and the reasons they were selected at

The new feed will be available for purchase starting in early May. For more information or updates on Organic Horse PLUS #675, please email Andrea Kaldhusdal at