Benefits of Kelp Meal

Chock full of important vitamins and minerals, kelp meal provides livestock with mineral and trace elements that have been depleted from our soils.  When we provide kelp meal to our chickens, pigs, and other livestock we reap the rewards.  Kelp meal helps prevent disease and promote improved health, such as providing a source of prebiotic fiber.

Feeding chickens kelp meal may help them deal with heat stress and improve egg quality.  When providing kelp meal to growing livestock they can develop stronger immune systems.   In addition, lactating livestock consuming kelp meal can maintain milk production. 

Kelp meal, which is dried seaweed, ground into a meal form, can also be beneficial in gardening. This organic fertilizer can be applied to your garden beds without adding harmful chemicals. Kelp provides nutrients to your garden plants, helping them grow stronger, which will aid in resisting pests and disease.

Feeding kelp meal can help build stronger immunity in your herd or flock. Modesto Milling believes in providing high quality, organic ingredients that will benefit the health of livestock and owners alike. Modesto Milling Kelp Meal is available in both 50 and 10# bags.

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